St. Valentine’s Day: How to Honor Love and Friendship During All Inclusive Adults Only Riviera Maya Vacations

All Inclusive Adults Only Riviera Maya Sexiness for Valentine's Day

All Inclusive Adults Only Riviera Maya Sexiness for Valentine’s Day

There are a number of different ways to celebrate this (and every other day) you have with your partner, especially when you come to all inclusive adults only Riviera Maya vacations. Apart from the flowers and chocolates, you can try and amp up your relationship in bed. There are tips and tricks for this and you can try them out in the comfort of your own home. The preparations, aside from shopping if that forms any part of your plans may also include talking about introducing new activities to your bedroom routine. Because if it has become a routine, you may want to try something else to see if you can add more things to the roster. Talk to your partner before introducing anything new so as to avoid any uncomfortable situations that can lead to confrontations or uncomfortable moments.

With your friends, there is never anything you won’t do for them so why not try and show them you care? It doesn’t have to be overly sentimental or soppy but you should pay attention to what it is that your friends want, need or have been missing. A good friend listens and knows exactly what makes you tick and what you feel towards things. You need only to listen to know. As they say, the best person to tell you about a person is that same person. The same goes for your partner, who is a friend, first and foremost. Why not pay particular attention to the conversations you have and make some conclusions based on that? It is a form of flattery when you show you’ve been listening. And then make those conclusions materialize when you go to all inclusive adults only Riviera Maya vacations.

Tips for Amping Up the Love for All Inclusive Adults Only Riviera Maya Getaways

  1. Get your imagination going. Make a list of things you like to do or things you imagined doing for a long time. They can be things you’ve been curious about. Things you and your partner wanted to try for a long time and things you would consider doing with your partner. You could write a list of things you would like to do, things you would try. If you are a little pressed for ideas, you should try looking on the internet for idea. Whether it is role playing or something a little more hardcore, take it into consideration. Have fun during your all inclusive adults only Riviera Maya vacation.
  2. Have a safety word. If you want to try something new after having a routine, you might want to have a safety word to use between the two of you. What is a safety word? It’s something you could say if you aren’t feeling comfortable with an act you are performing, whatever you don’t feel comfortable with, you have no obligations to either carry out or perform, especially if you don’t want to. Make your all inclusive adults only Riviera Maya vacation a perfect one.
  3. Personalize it. If you know things that your partner likes, try to incorporate it into your lovemaking. If they like certain perfumes or scents, certain items of lingerie or whatever the fancy, you can always try to get a fresh change of that item. Like new sheer underwear, high heels or stockings. If they like the smell of lilies or roses, why not buy a fresh bouquet for the room with scented candles? That would be a fantastic choice for your all inclusive adults only Riviera Maya resort vacation. What if you like to be able to see and have the lights on? Turn the lights on when you’re surprising your partner. Maybe you’d like to try a little bondage? It is easy enough to drill some screw eyes into the side of the bed so that you can tie some rope to it. Or if you can’t drill holes, there are specially made bed sheets where you can Velcro-bind your partner to the bed so that you can strap them down into the position you want. The possibilities are endless and from here on out, sky’s the limit.
  4. This is the big one that couples can turn to for more excitement for your all inclusive adults only Riviera Maya vacation. They offer the variety and the power that you need to make something absolutely supersonic. If you thought vibrators were only in the shape of a phallus, think again. There are a ton of different things you can vibrate for your sexual pleasure. Are you sensitive in the nipples? There are vibrating nipple clams. Do you like having your clitoris stimulated? There are small vibrators called bullets that can vibrate in tight spaces. There are rings that can hold bullets for testicles. There are dual silicone rings that can hold two bullets, above and below the penis for pleasure for both involved, with a variety of other possibilities. There are also anal vibrators as well as dildos that can be worn by men that hang from a silicone ring. How about action in the shower but there is nowhere to grab onto so that you can get good leverage and thrust? There are suction-cupped handles and foot rests so that you can go at it comfortably. How about against the door? There are harnesses and swings that you can get for those positions that you’ve only dreamed about. You can get playful and very naughty in a minute during all inclusive adults only Riviera Maya sexapades. If you are willing.
  5. Lube it up. Lubrication is an important part of sex for your all inclusive adults only Riviera Maya sexy vacation. Without it, you will have uncomfortable sex with dreadful chaffing as well as torn condoms from the friction, especially if you don’t naturally lubricate. With a good bottle of lube, you can slide in and out as if you were on satin sheets. Flavored lube can make the encounter tastier and all the more exciting. What you can also play with is the viscosity and use it to tantalize your partner. You can dribble it on yourself for the ultimate tease. Trail it over your body to indicate where your partner should lick and go from there.
  6. Sensuality can also come with food at all inclusive adults only Riviera Maya resorts. Lots of different fruits and even some vegetables have been considered aphrodisiacs. Whatever you decide upon, there is always a certain turn-on when you eat certain fruit. You can experiment with whatever is in season, like strawberries. Bananas are always in season so you can try a certain bit of phallic foreplay. Make your body a plate from which your partner can eat off of. Remember, however, that you should never place fruit inside the vagina as the natural sugar can create a breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria. You need to keep fruit up top and away from the genitals.

Creating the Absolute Mood for All Inclusive Adults Only Riviera Maya Getaways

If you are willing, there is always a way to make your love known and some of these things are necessary to make this one month of many, filled with much love.

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