A St. Patrick’s Day Celebration, Mexican Style at Temptation Resorts An Adult Experience

Temptation Resorts an adult experience for your St. Patrick's Day in Mexico

Temptation Resorts an adult experience for your St. Patrick’s Day in Mexico

Mexico is a country that loves a good party, regardless of what is being celebrated so if you find yourself in Mexico around mid-March, why not celebrate with a little luck o’ the Irish in the comfort of the Caribbean sun and a chilled drink at Temptation Resorts an adult experience? How do you go about celebrating? Even if the day isn’t celebrated, you can do several things to make it a fantastic celebration that will make the Irish truly a la Mexicana, with a fantastic culmination of good food, drink and fun.

Your Shopping List at Temptation Resorts An Adult Experience

  1. One thing that you can depend on and enjoy in copious amounts is beer and Mexican beer is definitely no slouch. Though there may not be something as dark as Guinness coming out of any Mexican breweries, you are sure to find excellently done options that are savory and worth remembering. Different regions in Mexico have their local options (which you can also find at Temptation Resorts an adult experience) so if you aren’t a huge fan of Corona, believe me, there is plenty more where that comes from. You can also do as the locals do and enjoy a “michelada.” Depending on where you are, a “michelada” is a drink that consists of beer with a concoction that can include lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce and Maggi sauce. With only lime juice, this is an option that is refreshing but with the rest of the mentioned ingredients, it becomes something comparable to drinking a beef steak through a straw. As strange as this may sound, the drink is popular in Mexico at Temptation Resorts an adult experience and the savory flavor is a hit with many foreigners. In the Riviera Maya, there is also a traditional drink that is beer-based with a fruity accompaniment that can be pineapple, mango or tamarind juice, to create a sweet yet spicy drink that goes down smooth and refreshing. When in Rome, try what the Romans are imbibing. You are sure to find that the Romans have pretty good taste!
  2. Liquor of all sorts can be found in Mexico at Temptation Resorts an adult experience but the drink of choice and that is quintessentially Mexican is tequila. It is a drink that must be respected because if not, the consequences can be quite disastrous. From only certain parts of Mexico, this drink can be had anywhere, from the local cantina to the high end bar cabinet of a billionaire. The quality and price can vary so whatever you are searching for, you are sure to find a suitable option for your budget. So if you want to make your St. Patrick’s Day more Mexican, try a good measure of tequila for a lovely bit of globalization and a way to change up your routine during your stay at Temptation Resorts an adult experience. This is definitely a way to give your celebration a bit more of a kick.
  3. The drink ingredients/condiments. In Mexico, virtually every single item of food and glass of drink has three things included: salt, lime and some form of spice. These are absolute necessities for your beer as well as your tacos, all of which you can find at Temptation Resorts an adult experience. No party is complete without these items. These are also needed for your beer, along with Maggi sauce and Worcestershire sauce. This can be added to both the golden variety as well as the darker options. Try for yourself to see what best suits you. Whatever you decide on, there are tons of drink options that you can take advantage of for a fantastic way to create a true Mexican party at Temptation Resorts an adult experience. Try this way of being local. You can also try Clamato with your beer and change up the flavor.
  4. Even though this isn’t very Irish, this is something that can go with your dishes and that you can easily find at Temptation Resorts an adult experience. It is a staple of Mexican cuisine and can be something that can be found on any street corner in any town. They are usually sold by the kilo (1 kilo=2.2lbs) and it is eaten in practically every single meal, from your tacos to with your morning eggs. The fresher, the better so if you are fortunate enough to be near a tortilla shop, you are guaranteed a stack of warm tortillas, fresh off the press. Some supermarkets, however, do usually carry them and may even keep them under cloth or in coolers so as to keep them warm. They can be incorporated into your St. Patrick’s Day meal with all your dishes, even at Temptation Resorts an adult experience.
  5. Pantry items. Whether you are looking to put together a lovely stew or a pie, all the ingredients that you would need, even lamb (which in Spanish is “cordero”), you can find in Mexico. Pastry crust is normally sold in the bakery section of supermarkets and even in some bakeries so if you are planning on baking a pie, you can find an easy solution to the perhaps time-consuming option of making your own. Whatever you may need, you are going to find it at Temptation Resorts an adult experience.

Putting together a St. Paddy’s Day party in Mexico is a lot easier than you can imagine. It is a great way to celebrate and make new friends. Who doesn’t like good food and company, especially at Temptation Resorts an adult experience? So if you are planning on a getaway to Mexico in the midst of March (which, incidentally, a fantastic time to visit as the weather is fantastic), don’t worry about not being able to celebrate with a little Mexican panache and good cheer.

Enjoy your trip and good bit of Mexican hospitality, with an Irish twist at Temptation Resorts an adult experience.

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