Let’s Talk About Sex: How to Communicate Your Desires at Riviera Maya Adults Resorts

Breaking the Ice at Riviera Maya Adults Resorts

Breaking the Ice at Riviera Maya Adults Resorts

When it comes to sex at Riviera Maya adults resort couple time, it is sometimes hard to break through and communicate desires to your partner. Sometimes it is a little hard to talk because you don’t want to offend a person by saying that something that they did wasn’t pleasant or necessarily exciting. Everyone is different and may have a different reaction to the question but the end result is a better intimacy which is absolutely necessary in a relationship. Talking out your desires is completely normal and there are ways to approach the topic. How do you break the ice? When should you do it? How do you not offend your partner? How can you enjoy the moment and not be creepy about it? These and many other questions will be referred to in the next section.

Breaking the Ice During Riviera Maya Adults Resort Vacations

  1. Positive reinforcement. If you can get on the topic of doing something sexy, try slipping the topic in at the beginning of your Riviera Maya adults resort vacation. As it were. Supposing your partner starts getting frisky. Trying something new is always sexy so make a mention here.  Or start the topic yourself. Stick a hand in the crotch and just move from there. Initiating the talk with a sexy action is great for taking charge and in intimate circumstances, it is always lovely and can also be quite sexy. If there is something that you don’t particularly like that your partner does, try and not butt them away but gently guide them to where you want. That way, you can help them help you. Try and enjoy teaching your partner and rest assured, the end results will be a fantastic one.
  2. Draw from a hat. During your Riviera Maya adults resort getaway, each person writes down every desire they have had on separate sheets of paper. Fold up each piece and throw them into a jar or a hat. Set aside the hat (and maybe near the bedside) until the moment that one person starts getting frisky. One person draws out a paper and reads it out loud. If the act is a bit elaborate, save it for afterwards and draw another to do. Talk it out with your partner and see if you can do it for next time. Maybe you need props and stuff so you may need to do some shopping in the meanwhile. Try incorporating stuff little by little into your play.
  3. The Rejection. Now that you have tips on how to communicate what you like, how do you refuse the things you don’t like while at Riviera Maya adults resorts? There are subtle “no”s you can use as well as saying it from the get-go. You can do this several different ways. Get creative so that you don’t hurt your partner’s feelings. If they suggest something you aren’t comfortable with, try suggesting something that is similar or say that you aren’t ready yet but if they can wait a bit. You prefer to do something else but you’d be willing to try it once, but later on or in the future. If you are against it, say without judgment that you wouldn’t be comfortable doing that.  You wouldn’t want an uncomfortable moment during your Riviera Maya adults resort vacation so take it easy.
  4. Respect. If for any reason, one person doesn’t want to do something you want to do, don’t pressure them. Nothing good comes from pressure and it can break down the trust you have for the other person. The love for the other person can be improved upon when you let the other person warm to the idea so go gentle when at Riviera Maya adults resort getaways.
  5. Patience. They always say that patience is a virtue and in terms of these sorts of activities, you need to be. So it is a very intimate activity and to share such details, as well as your naked body, requires tact and a sensibility. Once you introduce the topic, it is out there so it’ll be easier to bring it up again. When you need an extra bit of fun in your sex life and in bed, you are sure to find it by talking it out and have romantically sexy convos on your Riviera Maya adults resort vacations.
  6. Porn. This can be a way to introduce the topic as well but there is normally a sector of the population that does not necessarily like it. It will give you ideas so ask beforehand.  There are all sorts of things that you can find in porn so if you are looking for something in particular, you are interesting in, it should most likely have been influenced by interesting acts in your typical movie so try one or two out while on Riviera Maya adults resort romantic getaways.
  7. Safety word. Choose a word that both agree on. The word should be used when one wants to stop the action. This is important because this word will help when the action has gone too far and you need to stop for whatever reason. With a word like this, you can be sure that both are never uncomfortable, without really disrupting the mood while at Riviera Maya adults resort getaways.

When you have a good line of communication open between you and your partner, there is no reason why your in-bedroom activities can’t be fantastic and respectful. Try working in a couple of these tips and see for yourself. Make your relationship last and work on it while at Riviera Maya adults resorts.

Enjoy yourself and your partner at Riviera Maya adults resort vacations!

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